The facilities in the hotel

Kinar Galilee Hotel offers a unique holiday experience in a spacious holiday resort with separate beach,
seasonal swimming pool, sports and other activities and vast, green lawns.

Children Club

When children have fun – so does everybody else. And in Kinar, this does not come at the expense of the parents' pleasure.
Throughout the hotel there are playgrounds, sport facilities and many, open green expanses. Bring with you your toddlers' tricycles – where else can they ride in complete safety on protected paths set in 15 acres of green lawns?

The Vast Open Spaces and the Peace and Quiet

During a vacation with the children or just the two of you – at Kinar Galilee you will find peace and quiet. The central building includes a lobby, restaurants, a synagogue, and halls. Throughout the resort you will find quiet corners with seats and expansive green lawns. By the way, we are not sure you will want to leave your luxurious room so quickly.

The Beach

The Kinar beach is the largest separate beach of the Kinneret. The beach is an officially declared beach for swimming and provides seasonal lifeguard services and additional services such as dressing rooms and bathrooms. Like the other beaches of the Kinneret, the beach is managed and maintained by the Kinneret Administration. In addition to swimming, resting and observing the beauty of the Kinneret, we also recommend touring the "Kinneret Circular Path", the route of which passes close to the beach and enables a tour on foot or by bike. Various sea sports are also available: fishing on a boat, kayaks, banana boats, and other sea activities on the beaches close to Kinar.

The Swimming Pool and Sports Facilities

Our swimming pool is situated in the resort, near the Kinar beach: a semi-Olympic outdoor pool with separate hours for men and women, active during the summer. The pool is open to hotel guests only and has playground equipment for toddlers. Near the pool there are a tennis court, basketball court, ping-pong table and lawns.

Gourmet experience

Kinar Galilee Hotel provides its guests with an unforgettable gourmet experience in north Israel. How do you turn kosher Le'Mehadrin ingredients into gourmet dishes? By using only high quality ingredients, by insisting on precision in all stages of preparing the dishes and by being creative in arranging the food on the plate and serving it. In addition to the familiar dishes that our guests expect to see again and again, we always add new and creative dishes that will surprise and please our guests. Our chef will be happy to meet any special requirement of our guests: vegans, vegetarians, gluten-sensitive, milk-sensitive and more. We are here to meet any need.

Fitness Room and Spa

In the central building of Kinar Galilee Hotel there is an equipped fitness room that will help you keep fit and engage in physical exercise even when you are on vacation.
Beside the fitness room there is a Spa with a Jacuzzi, sauna and 'Doctor Fish Spa' with separate hours of activity for men and women.
Various types of treatments can be pre-booked – details at reception.